Intravia's The Imaging Guide to Xerographic Equipment

This is a manual that any technician will find of use. Especially useful for training and reference on digital copiers, analog copiers, fax theory and operation, laser printers, LED printers; explanations of how things work and misbehave. Technician’s quiz included for evaluating new hires and trainees. Electrical section for people who need electrical training. There is a 15% restocking fee for any book that is returned.
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284 pages, ILLUSTRATED with over 250 photos, drawings and samples. This is a manual designed for training and for reference.  Complete explanation of the xerographic process as utilized by copiers, fax and printers.  Explanations of how things work and misbehave. Detailed descriptions of disassembly of all sections of copiers and fax machines.  A complete section devoted to facsimile and a complete electrical section for technicians who have not had electrical/electronics training but would like to be able to do some electrical troubleshooting.  Explanation of how to understand, troubleshoot and service toner feed systems, paper feed, registration, optics, etc.  A technician who uses this manual will learn about overtoning and undertoning problems, causes and effects, explanations of schematics, circuit boards, copy quality adjustments, what not to touch.  Table of contents available upon request.  Over 30  years of copier experience crammed in a book. This book has everything that a service manager needs to help train a new technician. There is a test section with 57 questions.  Each question is answered with a complete explanation of the correct answer and a description of why the other answers are incorrect.  This can be used to test and evaluate technicians and job applicants.
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